Psychic-Medium, Stephen C. Robinson has given accurate, detailed Psychic Readings for over 37 years to people throughout The New York City Metropolitan area. Having taught over 10,000 students to develop their intuition and psychic abilities, Stephen Robinson is the expert Teacher to Psychics. For over 37 years he has maintained a successful practice as a Psychic Consultant, Clairvoyant and Trance Medium. His clientele includes TV and movie stars, celebrities in fashion, architecture and other professions. Although a Native New Yorker, Stephen has given readings to people all over the world.

A Psychic in Demand
Because of the high level of accuracy and detail contained in his psychic consultations, Psychic Stephen Robinson is one of the most gifted and sought after Psychic-Mediums around the world.

Stephen is one of the top 10 Psychics in
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Giving accurate and detailed readings for over 37 years!!

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From the age of 18, I realized that my psychic abilities were given to me so that I could help others.  It's always about the client for me. During your reading, I listen carefully to the messages from your loved-ones on the other side, Spirit Guides (Guardian Angels), my intuition and the visions I see for you.  At every reading I do the intriguing job of predicting your future. 

During a one-hour reading I clear my thoughts, biases, preconceived ideas and even rational logic.  This is to make room in my internal psychic screen for whatever will be revealed.  I have been a psychic all my life.  I'm confident that I can help you.  When you are ready for a reading, please give me a call. I personally will schedule an appointment for you and properly brief you so that I can give you my best and the best for you.

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Stephen has made numerous appearances on national and regional television as a Psychic-Medium giving readings. To view a sample of his television appearances please click on the YouTube links below.
View Stephen's public readings on the TV show, True Talk with Host,
John Cancio.
Most clients claim that Stephen's predictions are
80 100 percent accurate.

These are just a few sample reviews as reported by satisfied clients:

John Cancio, Host True Talk

June 3, 2013
June 4, 2013
June 10, 2013
January 15, 2014
March 3, 2014
March 15, 2014
January 30, 2015

My only comment on the above videos is rather vain--I've lost over 30 pounds and now look like the picture of myself at the top-right on this page.  SCR

Audio class presented at the New York Open Center

Some of Stephen's friends & clients

Because of his high level of accuracy, Stephen was invited to give readings at the Holiday Party, a birthday party and a second Holiday Party of Donna Karan, renowned Fashion Designer. He spent most of the evening giving readings to her friends, family and celebrities. Here is a photo taken while on break at one of those 3 parties.

On the red carpet at a New York Charity Event with Sara Romoli, Italian Fashion Designer and Soprano's star Steve Schirripa.

Psychic Stephen Robinson shaking hands with Sen. Hillary Clinton at an intimate fundraiser held at a mutual friend's house in his neighborhood.  Here he is feeling that she will have a very successful career and a high likelihood that she would be President of the US in the future.

Hugh Jackman and wife Deborra Lee Furness invited Stephen to their home in NYC to give readings at a birthday party for a friend.  Stephen had the pleasure of giving Debra a reading that was so good, that they invited Stephen back to their home.

Comment:  What a beautiful couple.  Both Hugh and Deborra are wonderful people with brilliant personalities.  I am very honored that they selected me to be their psychic for their party.  Thanks to both of you!  SCR

Stephen is the Founder and Executive Director of Holistic Studies Institute, with two locations--New York City and Albany, NY.  He founded the institute in 1977.  The institute has taught over 10,000 people to get in touch with their intuition and psychic abilities and even offers Professional Certification.  Stephen continues to be passionate about teaching.  If you are interested in exploring your intuition and to become a certified Psychic-Medium, click on the image above for more information and location of Stephen's fascinating psychic classes.
          In one reading my future was spread out before me. About two years ago I went to Stephen for a psychic reading. When I asked him about my father's health, he predicted that he would die peacefully in February of that year. He did, indeed die in February-just as predicted. It was extremely helpful for me to know that since I was responsible for taking care of his affairs. It also prepared me psychologically. He also predicted that I would meet some named DAVE-a name was actually given! He said Dave would have a strong personality and that down the road we would get married. As it turned out a new man was hired at my job named DAVE. He has a strong personality. Well, we have become involved and are now planning to get MARRIED. He came into my life in a totally unexpected way. I never thought I would meet someone at work. I am so happy with my reading; the detail and accuracy have me wondering how someone could be so talented as a psychic. He was worth every dollar I spent on the reading.

          I had a reading with Stephen on Jan 5, 2007. I live in NC so it was a phone reading. Stephen was so accurate at things that have already happened ,and that are currently happening .HE IS UNCANNY,& PHENOMENAL.I am going through things with my husband right now and Stephen knew about what is going on, and what happened in the past. HE WAS DEAD ON with what he seen. I will see Stephen in person next time and I hope the rest of his predictions for my life and marriage are just as accurate. He puts you at EASE the moment you talk to him, it's as if you've been friends forever, and he ask if you have questions throughout the reading. I'll be seeing you Stephen. Thanks! Lorraine March 1,2007 I wanted to come back to let you know that things are happening just as Stephen said they would. actually happened a week before he said it would. My husband, has been seeing me, and he's been looking for reasons to call me. he's asked me to wait for a divorce, (because as Stephen said he was ) MY HUSBAND ADMITTED HE WAS CONFUSED! and doesn't know what he wants. he also got rid of the other woman right on schedule Stephen. Now I can't wait for the rest of this to unfold, and I'm hoping the rest will happen just as Stephen said also. I'm coming back to talk to you again.


          About 5 years ago I had a reading with you. You had a vision of me between the ages of 42 & 43 having a healthy baby girl. Much to my utmost surprise, I am writing to tell you that it indeed became true. I am now married and on a whole new journey. Your words of reassurance about the baby being healthy and everything going well were something that I thought about and found some comfort in. With all the death and destruction in this world, I am in awe of this new life and of a love so deep it seems impossible that I lived this long without it. I want you to know that our session was helpful to me and that your vision was 100% accurate. Your prediction helped me to weather the doubts and worries that a 42 year-old feels when she becomes pregnant!


          Your accuracy is amazing. My mother passed away a few years ago. During a recent reading, you described a pin that she was showing you. You said it was a crystal insect with wings and that it was not a butterfly. At the time I could not picture it. You said it was something that belonged to her and that I had it in my possession. You were positive the description was accurate in spite of my not being able to recall it. As soon as I got home, I checked my jewelry box. There, right on top was her crystal firefly with its wings spread. I had completely forgotten about it and had not seen it in years. How it got to the top of the box is a mystery-just as exciting as having found it. You were right on. Thanks for that wonderful verification of my mother's visit which provided proof to me that she is still with me.


          It has been 3 years since I had my reading with you. I listened to my tape last week and realized that you were 100% on with my reading. You perfectly described a potential partner that I would meet and that we would meet in March/April. Well I met her in April. Your physical description was right on and even down to the face and that she likes to eat at buffets. Our relationship is much as you saw-emotionally challenging, while filled with love, support, respect and growth.


          Just a note to tell you your forecast was very accurate! Over the past year, things you said came to be. You were right about my job change, subsequent studies and even my friends. I'll be back.


          Thanks to you I'm becoming less confused. I'm excited about developing my own psychic awareness and most of all; I've begun to find peace within.


          I'd like to thank you for the reading you gave me. I was at a low period at the time. The excellent reading you gave cheered me up immensely and is proving to be accurate.

For more reviews about Stephen, please visit this link:

CitySearch is an independent site, which contains client reviews and recommendations.  Based on these reviews, CitySearch gave Stephen Robinson an 82% score.  With that kind of accuracy, you are sure to get a good reading with Stephen, an expert Psychic-Medium.

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Office hours are Mon - Fri 1 PM - 8 PM.  If you call at other times, please leave a message and your call will be returned during our office hours.
For legal purposes it is understood that all readings are for the purposes of entertainment only. 
All clients must be at least 18 years of age.
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