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The New York Psychic Stephen Robinson - readings and more.

Accurate Psychic Readings given by The New York Psychic, Stephen Robinson


A truly international Psychic-Medium, Giving detailed Psychic Readings in New York and to tens of thousands of people throughout the Americas, Europe, the Middle-East, Africa and Asia.

Thousands of clients claim his predictions are up to 90 percent accurate. 

Stephen Robinson is listed among the top ten psychics in New York

Top 10 Psychics New York: Each New York Psychic listed on the Top 10 has been hand-picked for the quality of their readings, their reliability and customer satisfaction. Top 10 Psychic New York is provided as a free service to the New York Psychic and Metaphysical Community intended to connect you, the consumer, with a Professional New York Psychic you can feel good about.

Actual Client Testimonials

  ......Dear Stephen, I wanted to let you know how accurate your reading was last year. First of all, you encouraged me to accept a new job offer, which has turned out to be such a blessing. This job is everything you said it would be—prestigious, exciting and fulfilling. I have made many new friends and I feel at home here. More importantly, this job has brought a wonderful new man into my life—just as you said it would. His name is Bob and you’re description of him was right on the ball. He’s older than me, but physically fit and full of energy. He has a wonderful smile, sparkle in his eyes, great sense of humor and makes me feel loved and desired. I already know that I love him very much. I feel Bob’s gentle spirit around me all the time. It is such a comfort. Thank you again for your honesty and clarity and for leading me on the right path. God Bless you!

  ......About 5 years ago I had a reading with The New York Psychic, Stephen Robinson.  He had a vision of me between the ages of 42 & 43 having a healthy baby girl.  Much to my utmost surprise, I am writing to tell you that it indeed became true.  I am now married and on a whole new journey.  Stephen's words of reassurance about the baby being healthy and everything going well were something that I thought about and found some comfort in.  With all the death and destruction in this world, I am in awe of this new life and of a love so deep it seems impossible that I lived this long without it.  I want Stephen to know that our session was helpful to me and that his vision was 100% accurate.  Stephen's prediction helped me to weather the doubts and worries that a 42 year-old feels when she becomes pregnant! 

      .......Your accuracy is amazing.  My mother passed away a few years ago. During a recent reading, you described a pin that she was showing you.  You said it was a crystal insect with wings and that it was not a butterfly.  At the time I could not picture it.  You said it was something that belonged to her and that I had it in my possession.  You were positive the description was accurate in spite of my not being able to recall it.
            As soon as I got home, I checked my jewelry box.  There, right on top was her crystal firefly with its wings spread.  I had completely forgotten about it and had not seen it in years.  How it got to the top of the box is a mystery—just as exciting as having found it. 
            You were right on.  Thanks for that wonderful verification of my mother’s visit which provided proof to me that she is still with me.

........ It has been 3 years since I had my reading with you.  I listened to my tape last week and realized that you were 100% on with my reading.  You perfectly described a potential partner that I would meet and that we would meet in March/April.  Well I met her in April.  Your physical description was right on and even down to the face and that she likes to eat at buffets.  Our relationship is much as you saw—emotionally challenging, while filled with love, support, respect and growth.

…..You were incredibly accurate! Really amazing! I can’t tell you how many times I listened to the tape of my reading with you. My separation agreement was signed in August, and my divorce came through today---just as you predicted. I want another reading with you.

….I want to thank you for helping me in my hour of need. I was so frightened. I thought I was losing my husband. You were not only there for me, but you were right in what you told me. You gave me hope and confidence to keep going.

….Just as you predicted---I got a job in April. I am starting on April 17. Thank you so much.

…This is to express my thanks and extreme satisfaction with the communication with my spirit family. You were 100 percent on target in your reading. I appreciate your advice, and I look forward with great hope to your predictions.

…The session I had with you was wonderful! I left your office with hope and optimism. You were extremely accurate with my reading. It was as if you understood my emotions before I did. I felt a great deal of gentle, caring, positive energy from you—unlike anything I’ve felt before with someone I just met.

…Just a note to tell you your forecast was very accurate! Over the past year, things you said came to be. You were right about my job change, subsequent studies and even my friends. I’ll be back.



The New York Psychic Stephen Robinson - readings and more.

A Psychic in Demand

Because of the high level of accuracy and detail contained in his psychic consultations, Stephen Robinson is one of the most gifted and sought after Psychic-Mediums and Clairvoyants in North America and Europe; especially in New York City.

Welcome to a Sacred Space

Located in the heart of New York, one of busiest cities in the world, Stephen Robinson has created a quiet, special and sacred space in which to give his psychic readings.  Stephen welcomes you into his space, where candles are burning, quiet meditational music plays in the background and where there is a slight hint of incense in the air.

How he Begins

He begins your reading by asking for your questions and your birthday.  Next he'll ask for photos of the special people in your life, both dead and alive. Once he has determined your reasons for being here for a reading,  he closes his eyes and goes into a clairvoyant, psychic trance as he holds the energy of your object close to his heart chakra.  Now the reading begins and he takes you on a psychic journey.

Stephen uses Trance & Clairvoyance

With deep respect for your unique pathway, Stephen’s psychic abilities allow him to penetrate the veil between today and tomorrow—between this world and the next, to clairvoyantly see details about your life, your future and those who have crossed over. His trance states may take him back to your past-lives as he carefully explains their relevance to your current life.  Stephen's voice and his nurturing manner create an air of comfort, safety and trust as you journey with him into the deepest reaches of other dimensions to retrieve information to enable you to create a better life for yourself and others.


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or call Stephen's Appointment Manager at Holistic Studies Institute NOW

(212) 337-3017

Office hours are Mon - Fri 3 - 8 PM.  If you call at other times, please leave a message and your call will be returned during our office hours.

For legal purposes it is understood that all readings are for the purposes of entertainment only. 

All clients must be at least 18 years of age.




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The New York Psychic Stephen Robinson - readings and more.
The New York Psychic Stephen Robinson - readings and more.



Got a hunch that you may be psychic? These classes might prove you right.

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FOX News

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The word that keeps running through my head as I arrive at psychic Stephen C. Robinson's doorman building in Chelsea is swank. The lobby is swank, the hallway is swank and the impeccable modern decor of Robinson's immaculate, softly lit apartment is definitely swank.
His psychic abilities are on display immediately when he opens the door ahead of my knock, frightening me not a little bit.


Quotes Stephen Robinson in an article about Travel & Psychics

A favorite Bookstore of Stephen Robinson in New York. This is a great resource for books, crystals, music, meditation and Light Worker and psychic supplies.

Located at 2 W. 14th Street, SW corner between 5th and 6th Ave - near Union Square.

Stephen Robinson is featured in the App Travel New York and Travel America Visitor Guide.  This app is designed for your smart phone.  Listed in the app are all types of businesses throughout the United States.



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 Stephen Robinson is the Executive Director and Founder of Holistic Studies Institute



Stephen Robinson is one of the founders of the Spiritualist Church of NYC


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For legal purposes it is understood that all readings are for the purposes of entertainment only. 
All clients must be at least 18 years of age.

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